Some years ago, the land that now makes up this Estate, even though in discreet condition, had lost all its productive characteristics. Having fallen into a situation of complete abandonment, it was decided to recover their productive function, while at the same time contributing to the restoring of the original rural environment which had deteriorated due to neglect and the passing of time.
It involved mainly the terraced lands, well exposed to the sun and traditionally cultivated with olive groves and vineyards. There is also a small wooded area, mainly of turkey oak and chestnut. Other surrounding lands were additionally purchased which permitted the increase of farm area, which today measures about 16 hectares. Therefore the farm has seen to the replanting and restoring of an olive grove according to the farming regulations most appropriate for the characteristics of the soil and climate of the area. The extra-virgin olive oil production has already begun with notable satisfaction from a qualitative point of view.
In addition, since 2006, a vineyard has been planted of about two hectares, utilising the most modern production techniques and producing up to 10.000 bottles of optimal wine per year.


Syrah, Pinot Nero e Merlot biologici

On the farm, the restoration of a system for the collecting and distribution of water has been carried out to rationalise the hydraulic resources available on the farm, which today allows for around 80 cubic metres of reserve to be used during times of maximum drought. In addition, there has been a restoration of equipment and machinery necessary for the cultivation of the soil. Lastly, organic methods of cultivation have been implemented throughout the farm. Organic agriculture, said practice or system, is a method which excludes the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It is an agricultural practice which uses natural antagonists to rid the plants of parasites rather than using chemical substances. One of the aims of this type of agriculture is to reduce to a minimum the environmental damage derived from the cultural techniques and maintain, as much as possible, a balance of the various components of the agricultural environment. Organic farming uses only natural products and processes, refusing any chemical product whatsoever, whether it be fertilizer, fungicides, pesticides, or herbicides.