The secret behind our success lies in the care we give to our vineyards and our wine. For this reason, I Cedri has chosen to share with you one of the most important moments in the production of the wine: the harvesting. The program begins in the morning with the picking of the grapes in the vineyard next to the Estate and finishes with a rustic lunch in the Antica Filanda Residence. Whoever wishes can continue with the harvesting throughout the afternoon. While harvesting, in the wine cellar of the Estate, the grapes undergo “destemming” which consists in the separation of the grape from the grape stalk. Once the harvesting is finished, each participant will receive a gratuitous bottle of wine. The cost for a half day (meal included) is 30 euro.

I Cedri also offers the possibility to get to know the wines and the extra virgin olive oil produced at the Estate, all accompanied by tastings in the wine cellar and the hall of the Antica Filanda Residence.
The cost starts at a minimum of 30 euro and varies depending on the menu and wines selected.


At I Cedri the olive harvesting uses the old traditional techniques that were once used in the past. The program takes place in the arc of the morning, concluding with a rustic lunch at the Antica Filanda Residence. Those wishing to continue harvesting, can do so throughout the afternoon.
At the end of the harvesting, each participant will receive a gratuitous bottle of extra- virgin olive oil produced on the Estate.
The cost for a half day (meal included) is 30 euro.

In the month of October, when the chestnuts are gathered and the new chestnut flour is available, around the Antica Filanda Residence there are tastings of typical chestnut products, together with cured meats and cheese, and accompanied by the new wine produced on the Estate.
The cost of the tasting is 30 euro.